一般社団法人Fintech協会とFinTech Association of Malaysiaが覚書を締結

by admin (Administrator)
on 2019.05.27

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一般社団法人Fintech協会(東京都中央区、代表理事:丸山 弘毅/木村 康宏/ナタリー 志織 フレミング)は、2019年4月24日、マレーシアのフィンテック団体である、FinTech Association of Malaysiaと相互支援に関する覚書(MOU)を締結しました。今後は各国相互間のフィンテックエコシステムの向上に向けて協力をしてまいります。

【FinTech Association of Malaysiaについて】


Fintech Association of Japan (Chuo City, Tokyo. Representative Directors: Hiroki Maruyama / Yasuhiro Kimura / Natalie Shiori Fleming) concluded a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with FinTech Association of Malaysia on April 24, 2019. We will offer mutual support for the improvement of the Fintech ecosystem.

【About FinTech Association of Malaysia】
FAOM is the key enabler and national platform that seeks to make Malaysia the leading hub for FinTech innovation and investment in the region.  FAOM ties and connects every player in the ecosystem to facilitate healthy collaboration amongst FinTech stakeholders.  It aims to build awareness, trust and advocate for better policies on behalf of its members and the community.

【About Fintech Association of Japan】
Fintech Association of Japan, established in September 2015, promotes open innovation in the Japanese Fintech industry by creating networking opportunities for its members, researching emerging market trends, and cooperating with domestic, international, and government organizations. The association promotes the Japanese Fintech ecosystem abroad and encourages the exchange of information internationally.